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If you don't believe, you better get superstitious

♥ | Posted: September 30th | ♥
I absolutely love Halloween, so I don't apologize for being super extra about it lmao. Last year I wasn't able to make new Halloween content (was too busy at college) so I had my 2015 Halloween content up instead, ugh that was blehhh. I am sooo happy to have been able to do stuff for it this time!! The new content has been done for a month, but it took me 20 years to finish the damn layout so sorry about that >.< So anyway, this stylesheet and my last layouts stylesheet will be up on my next update. Kelsie@Coastal♥ did the ouija part of my header. You should totally check out her amazing webstore! Anyone who read this shit is the real MVP lmao. Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy the new content!