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starkles tutorial

This isn't a starkle cluster, but after you do this you should be able to make a cluster of them!
To see examples of starkle clusters, visit my brushes page HERE

What you'll be making:

The Steps

1. Create a new document. Make sure it's gonna be big enough for a cluster. So like 600px by 600px.
Click on the "Star Tool." {You might have to right click on the Rectangle Tool to find it}

2. Draw your star.

Swap the fill and stroke by clicking this little arrow thing.

Now the star should be a solid black.

3. Click "Effect >> Distort & Transform >> Pucker & Bloat."

Click the box next to "Preview" so it shows you a preview of what you're doing. Now move the Pucker & Bloat line where you want it.

4. Click "Edit >> Copy" and then "Edit >> Paste" and now you'll have 2 of the same starkle.

There's a few things I'm going to teach you now and then you can choose to make your starkle cluster however you want.

making the 2nd starkle smaller or rotating it

Hold in the SHIFT key on your keyboard and drag the corner of the starkle to make it smaller. If you want to rotate it than hold in the SHIFT key and hover the corner until you see the little rotate arrow pop up.

making another starkle

Copy and paste whichever starkle you want to be the outlined version. Now make it smaller. and drag it on top the one you duplicated it from.

You wont be able to see it because it's black and blending in. Go to "Window >> Appearance" and change the fill color to white.
Please take note you can make starkles from using the other shape tools too.

Finished Product: