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background psd outline tutorial

This is the easiest way!

What you'll need:
  • A background psd
  • Scanline pattern

  • You'll be making something like this:

    The Steps

    1. Open the bg psd that you want to use in the outline. Change all colors of it to your color scheme and then define it as a pattern.

    2. Add your normal strokes to your sitemodel. I did 2px white, 2px #333333, 2px gradient, 1px scanline.

    2. Create a new layer, drag it under the sitemodels layer, right click on the sitemodel layer and click merge down. Go to the blending options and add a "stroke." Use the bg psd you defined as a pattern in step 1. Make the size between 12-16

    this is what I have so far..

    3. Create a new layer, drag it below the sm layer, merge the sm layer down. Add strokes to the bg psd outline. I did 2px white, 2px #333333, 2px gradient, 1px scanline.

    Finished Product: