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big color scheme tutorial

You can turn any gradient into a bigger color scheme. People mainly do this for preppy layouts and text.

What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs
  • A gradient of the color scheme you want to use.

  • What you'll be making:
    Turn this:

    Into this:

    The Steps

    1. Make a new document: height-1px, width-however many letters are in your sitename. I have 9 letters in my other sitename loveblush, so my document will be height: 1px, width: 9px. The document will look insanely tiny, so zoom in to like 3200%

    2. Click "Layer" >> "New Fill Layer" >> "Gradient">> "Ok"

    Match your settings to mine, but with your gradient.

    You're done!

    Finished Product: