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★ Owner: Kayla
★ Opened: 06/09/17
★ Program: Photoshop CC 2020
★ Version: 13
★ Started Sw: 2005ish
★ Host: Myself
★ Credits: x
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create fill layer tutorial

These are used alot in deco, border, trippy, vector, and other psd's.

What you'll be making:

The Steps

1. Hold in CTRL on your keyboard and click the thumbnail of the layer that has what ever you want to be a fill layer. I outlined a thumbnail below

2. Whatever is on the layer should now be selected. Click "Layer >> New Fill Layer >> (Select if you want it to be a color, gradient, or pattern) >> click ok." Choose the pattern, color, or gradient depending on which you chose. I chose color and went with a pink color for this tutorial. You should now have a fill layer.