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Double Zigzag Tutorial

What you'll need:
  • One of the photoshop programs

  • What you'll be making:

    The Steps

    1. Do your lines. If you don't know how to do this than (click here) and follow steps 1-3. or just download my lines PSD here

    I have this now

    2. Click on the little thumbnail of the first line.

    Click "Filter >> Distort >> Wave." Use these settings or whatever you want.

    3. Now do the same with the rest of the lines. You should be able to hit CTRL+F on your keyboard to do it automatically after you click a thumbnail. (including the white one)

    4. If you have the layers in a group, duplicate the group. If you have them not in a group than just duplicate all of the layers. Now make sure they're all selected (hold in CTRL and click them 1 at a time)

    Go to "Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal."

    ~~~If you're interested in making it a PSD than continue below~~~

    5. Ok now these are my layers.

    Merge all of the first colors layers together. This is what I have now

    Now merge all of the 2nd colors layers together. Repeat for the 3rd and 4th color layers. I have this now.

    6. Create a fill layer for each one. If you don't know how to create fill layers than check out this (click here) tutorial.

    Finished Product: