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Gradient Colorize v2

These make your signs look better!

What you'll be making:
(This was cropped, resized, and has a white stroke just for tutorial purposes)

The Steps

1. Open your cutout. Make it black & white. Click on the pen tool and outline the sitemodel with it. Be careful you don't outline whatever hair is covering the shirt It's ok if you take the pen tool in the area outside of the cutout. Connect the first point to the last. Right click and click "Make selection." *If this doesn't make sense than check out my cutout tutorial*
(ignore the fact that my picture isn't black and white yet lol)

2. Click "Layer >> New Fill Layer >> Gradient >> OK" and find your gradient. Yes this is supposed to look ridiculous lol.

3. Click on the layers blending mode and change it to "overlay."

I have this:

4. Hold in CTRL and click on the cutouts thumbnail (little preview of the layer). The sitemodel should be selected now. Click "Select >> Inverse" and now everything but the sitemodel will be selected. Now click in the little thumbnail of the gradient layer.

Click the backspace/delete key on your keyboard. It will erase the extra gradient.

Finished Product:


★ Owner: Kayla
★ Opened: 06/09/17
★ Program: Photoshop CC 2018
★ Version: 5
★ Started Sw: 2005ish
★ Host: Shanna


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