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  • patterned decos tutorial

    This will work in decos or vector psd's or whatever. It's the same concept. It'll work with any pattern psd (usually)

    What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop programs.

  • You'll be making something like this:

    The Steps

    1. Open your deco, put down your splatters in black.

    2. Open the pattern you're using. Change it's colors to match your deco psd color scheme (yes you can change the colors layer. That is the point of this tutorial!) DO NOT MERGE THE LAYERS. Drag the pattern over onto your deco psd. (it should still be a group as long as you did not merge the layers)

    3. This might seem a bit confusing. You duplicate the patterns group and drag it directly next to the first patterned group. Below is a picture of my layers and my deco so far so you see what I mean.

    4. Now MERGE each color within the 1st group with it's duplicate in the second. For example, I will merge my "1" in the "Colors" group with the "1" in the "Colors copy" group. Here's what my layers look like now.

    5. Now cover the entire splatter area with the pattern and then merge all the duplicates just like in step 4.

    6. Click CTRL+A and then "image >> crop" to remove any extra pattern. Put your colors into layer fills now. (If you don't understand this than look at this (click here) tutorial.

    7. On the splatters layer, Hold in the CTRL key on your keyboard and click the little preview of your layer.

    8. You should see the splatters on your deco selected now. See mine selected?

    9. Click "Select >> Inverse." Select the mask on the first color fill. I outlined mine in red.

    10. Go to your color picker and make the background color black. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.

    11. Hit the backspace key on your keyboard. Now do this for all the other color fills.

    If it doesn't look right than make sure you didn't mess up step 10.

    You're done!! Now the pattern is built into the splatters and it's editable. :D

    Finished Product:

    if you plan to do editable patterns a lot:

    If you plan on using an editable pattern in content a lot, I strongly suggest doing this with your patterns so you can skip step 2, 3 and 4 above ^.

    1. Open a blank 175x467 document. This is half the size of the full 350x467 document. You can create a full size 350x467 if you want. I suggest a full size for a first time person or if you plan on using the pattern on vector psds or large decos I prefer the half size, but that's just me. You should probably do a full size.

    2. Open the pattern psd you want. Resize it however you want it. Change it's colors to 4 different BASIC UGLY ASS COLORS. Define the pattern. I zoomed this in

    3. On the document you created, Add a fill layer with the pattern you defined. (mine is half sized. yours is full so don't mind that)

    4. Now Zoom in. Click "Select >> Color Range" and click on the part of the pattern that you want to be your FIRST COLOR (you'll notice your color selection in the left bottom corner of PS has now changed to the ugly ass color you just selected). Click ok. Now that part of the pattern should be selected!

    5. Click Layer >> New Fill Layer >> solid color >> ok" and choose the first color of your color scheme. The ugly ass red is now the first color of my color scheme.

    6. Do the same thing for the rest of the colors. (HIDE THE FILL LAYERS if it makes it easier to see the ugly colors when you do the rest)
    Mines finished!

    And if you did full size

    7. Now you can drag this over onto whatever you're gonna make editable. This saves the struggle people have with constant duplication and keeping the annoying more complicated to see patterns perfectly even.


    You should now be able to go to step 7 of the tutorial and continue the rest of the main tutorial.


    ★ Owner: Kayla
    ★ Opened: 06/09/17
    ★ Program: Photoshop CC 2018
    ★ Version: 5
    ★ Started Sw: 2005ish
    ★ Host: Shanna


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