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PHP Includes Tutorial

I use PHP Includes for the layout on my website. The whole point of PHP includes is so that instead of having to change something on every single page of your website, you only change stuff on the include page(s).

For example- It would take FOREVER to add a new affiliate to every page of your website without the PHP includes. If you use the includes than you go to ONE page and it adds that affiliate to every single page. It saves so much time.

This teaches you how to separate into header.php, footer.php, index.php, and style.css pages

The Steps

1. Create a file called header.php

2. Find the part of your coding that looks like < div id="content" >. Copy all coding above that part including the words < div id="content" >. Paste it into the header.php file.

3. Make another file called footer.php. This time put everything after < div id="content" > into this file.

4 Now on every page you create make sure it ends in .php
For example - brushes.php and patterns.php

Now >> click here << for the php includes coding tutorial.