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★ Owner: Kayla
★ Opened: 06/09/17
★ Program: Photoshop CC 2020
★ Version: 13
★ Started Sw: 2005ish
★ Host: Myself
★ Credits: x
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Picture Text Tutorial

This is a general way of doing it. Texture's from deviantart.


The Steps

1. Open the picture you want to be inside of your text. I'm using a texture because it's pretty af. Right click the layer and click "Layer from Background." The layer should now say Layer 0

2. Type out the text you want and place it exactly where you want it. (Keep in mind whatever is under where the text is will be what becomes inside of the text)

3. Make sure the background layer is on top of the text layer.

Set the text layer to "Lighten"

4. Click on the "Magic Wand Tool."

Click somewhere on the TEXT LAYER that you know the text is NOT AT.

5. Click on the BACKGROUND LAYER and push the backspace/delete key on your keyboard. Click "Select >> Deselect" and then delete the old black text layer.

Add whatever strokes/whatever you want!

My Finished Product: