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  • pixeled v2 tutorial

    You can do this anywhere on a sign, but I chose to do mine on the side of the sitemodel. You need to be FINISHED editing your vector before you do this tutorial and all layers of the vector need to be merged.

    What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs

  • What you'll be making:
    The left side is not black & white, the right side is black & white.

    The Steps

    1. Create a new layer UNDER the sitemodel layer, but above the vector layer. I'm assuming you know how to use the pen tool, but if not than this isn't a tutorial for you because I am not explaining how to use it. Choose where you want your pixeled section to be and outline it in the pen tool connecting the first point to the last it'll look like this.

    2. Right click inside of the area and click "Make Selection >> ok." Click on the paint bucket tool and fill in the area with black. Change the layer to Hue.

    and this is what I have so far

    3. On your vector layer, click "Filter >> Pixelate >> Mosaic"

    4. Click "Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen." Sharpen it like 3 times. Click "Select >> Deselect" to have the lines deslected.

    Finished Product:
    This is with and without the grey because you can hide the grey layer if you like it better without the grey.