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preppy border tutorial

This is an old style of borders. This is just basic stripes. THIS IS NOT A PSD TUTORIAL.

What you'll need:
One of the Photoshop programs.

What you'll be making:

The Steps

1. Open a new file (File >> New). Make it about 800 Width and 800 Height.

2. Click the rectangle tool.

3. Make a rectangle going down. [I made mine look smaller for this tutorial so yours wont be the same size as the picture below.]

4. Click the paint bucket tool.

5. Click inside the rectangle and fill it in with the first color of your color scheme.

6. Click "Layer" >> Click "Duplicate Layer" >> Click "OK"

7. Click your move tool.

8. Drag the rectangle over where it's perfectly next to the 1st one. You should now see two rectangles side by side. Click the gradient tool again and fill in the second rectangle with the second color of your color scheme. You should now see this. [mine will look smaller then yours as I made it smaller for this tutorial]

9. Repeat that with each color of your color scheme until the whole thing is your color scheme stripes. Merge all of the layers together (Right click on top layer and click "Merge Visible")

10. Hit Ctrl and t on the keyboard. Change the angle of this to 45. (this should be towards the top of photoshop)

11. You'll see the transparent background (little squares) on the corners now. My picture below shows the top ones so you see what I mean.

12. Go to the middle of the stripes and there should be no transparent bg there. Crop that area to where you don't see those squares anymore. Below you'll see some of the squares on top and a tiny bit on the bottom. Yours will be normal sized and have alot more of those squares showing cause mine has been resized for this tutorials purposes.

and now you'll have a perfect striped pattern

13. Define the striped pattern as a pattern (edit >> define pattern >> ok)

14. Make sure you're now on the picture you want a border on. I'm going to use a blank background cause I don't feel like making a sign for this. Please make sure EVERYTHING is merged together on the sign by now and that you are completely done making the sign, even the text.

15. Click "Image" >> "Canvas Size". Make sure the Width and height are changed to pixels. Add 15 to each. So if your width is 100 it should be changed to 115. Same goes for height and click ok. Should now look something like below.

16. Right click and go to "Blending Options" and click "Stroke." Match your settings to mine.

17. Click "Layer" >> "New Fill Layer" >> "Pattern". Click ok. Find the striped pattern you made & saved a few steps above and click "OK" Drag the pattern layer underneath the signs layer. You should have something like this now

18. Right click on your pattern layer and click "Rasterize Layer". On that same layer > right click and click "Blending Options." Match your settings to mine and then click ok.

19. Now create 2 new layers (Layer >> New >> Layer >> click ok.) Drag one new layer under the signs layer and drag one under the patterns layer. Click the signs layer, right click it, now click "Merge Down" to merge it onto ONE of the new layers you created. Now click your patterns layer and merge it down to the other new layer you created.

20. On the signs layer- right click and go to Blending Options. Match your settings to mine below and then click ok.

21. Do the same exact thing as the step above to the pattern layer.

22. Repeat making 2 new layers and then merging one to the pattern layer and one to the sign layer. Now right click on the signs layer, go to blending options again, and match your settings to mine. Then click ok.

23. Do the same to the patterns layer.

you're done!!

Finished Product: