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Please do not copy my tutorial.
Please contact me if you have any questions about this tutorial.


What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs.

  • What you'll be making:
    Here is a few examples

    The Steps

    1. Create a new layer. Click "CTRL" and the letter "A" on your keyboard at the same time. The whole canvas should be selected now.

    2. Make sure your layer is selected too. Click "edit >> stroke >>" and match your settings to mine.

    3. Click "edit >> stroke >>" but this time make it 3px white. This is what I have so far.

    4. Now do the same thing again, but this time make it 1px black. I have this so far:

    5. Change the layer setting to "soft light"

    6. Throw in your previews or whatever UNDER the border layer.

    7. Save the file as a PSD, so you can reuse it!

    Finished Product
    Here is a few examples