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rotate brush v2

This is how you rotate a brush BEFORE you place it.

What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop programs.

  • The Steps

    1. Click on your brush tool. Click on the brush you want to useClick on the brush settings.
    (yours may look different depending on what photoshop you have)

    2. Click "Brush Tip Shape."

    Hover over the document you're putting the brush on. You should see an outline of a brush thats showing you what the brush looks like that you're about to place.

    3. Go back to the brush tip shape. See the angle? Play around with the numbers to turn the brush. Again, you can hover your document to see what the brush will look like now.

    You can also click on the arrow (don't let go of the click!) & turn the arrows to turn the brush.