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★ Owner: Kayla
★ Opened: 06/09/17
★ Program: Photoshop CC 2020
★ Version: 13
★ Started Sw: 2005ish
★ Host: Myself
★ Credits: x
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seamless pattern tutorial

Please keep in mind this is just one way of doing this. There are plenty of other ways!


the steps

1. Finish your pattern. Here's mine (it's not colored in yet, so don't mind that)

Duplicate it a bunch of times. I duplicated mine alot like I went overboard duplicating it. You don't need to be this extra with it, I'm just being extra for the tutorial.

2. Ok now this is hard to explain but you want to click on the crop tool and crop it like half and half. Zoom in and make sure it's split EXACT.
CLICK this picture to see it bigger!

And this is it not zoomed.

3. Now define it as a pattern & then open a new file. On the new file, create a pattern layer fill and make sure the pattern lines up.