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You need to buy your domain first {if you don't know how to do that than I have a tutorial on it that you should check out}. Then, you need to buy hosting before you can set your name servers.

You can buy hosting from namecheap.com (this can be very costly) or you can POSSIBLY find a host in the sw, like Myself {click here} @wishrose.net or Shanna {click here} @firewish.net

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that buying a domain doesn't automatically mean you have hosting. They are NOT the same.

This tutorial is for setting your hosting name servers through namecheap.com

The Steps

1. Login to your account. Click "Domain List."

2. Click the MANAGE button next to the domain name.

3. Scroll down and find "NAMESERVERS". Type yours in. You'll need to ask your host what the nameservers are called.
Here's an example of mine: