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simple sign v1

For this tutorial, I used Michelle.

What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs
  • this texture
  • this texture too
  • this brush

  • What you'll be making:

    The Steps

    1. Open your photo. Create a new layer and fill it in black. Change the blending mode to "hue". This will turn the picture black and white.

    2. Right click on the layer and click "Merge Visible." Now, make a copy of the layer (layer >> duplicate layer >> ok).

    3. Open your redish texture. On the texture click "Select >> All" Now click "Edit >> Copy." Go back to your duplicated background and click "Edit >> Paste." Change the blending mode to "lighten." (click on your move tool to move the texture around where you want it.

    You should have something like this now:

    4. Create a new layer. Change the blending mode to "lighten". Do the same thing you did to the last texture (copy and paste) onto the layer. Move it around where you like it.

    5. Click "Layer >> Flatter Image." Copy your background layer. (Layer >> duplicate layer>> ok". Click "layer >> new adjustment layer >> brightness/contrast" >> click ok" Match your settings to mine.

    6. Go to "Layer >>New Adjusment Layer >> Selective Color >> ok." Match your settings to mine. DON'T CLICK OK YET

    Change the color to Magentas and match your settings to mine.

    Change the color to Neutrals and match your settings to mine.

    Change the color to Blacks and match your settings to mine.

    Now you can click ok. My sign looks like this:

    7. Open the brush I provided. Define the brush. Create a new layer. Stamp the brush down on the picture as much as you want (don't overdo it) in white. Set the mode to overlay. Add a dropshadow to the brushes or whatever else you want. (my dropshadow is distance: 0, spread: 0, size: 1)
    Use your eraser tool to erase any of the brush off the sitemodels face/body.

    Add whatever border and text you want. You're finished!

    Finished Product: