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  • falling snow v2 Tutorial

    This will teach you how to have a falling snow effect on your website. I currently have two, including this one, on my layout. (If you don't see snow currently falling on my layout it's because it's no longer the season, so let me know and I'll put the snow on a test page to show you)

    This tutorial requires more work than the snow v1 tutorial

    The Steps

    1. Copy the coding on this (click here) page. Paste it in a file called snowstorm.js

    2. Copy this coding, paste it in the < head > tag of your layout. CHANGE the part that says /scripts/snowstorm/snowstorm.js to wherever YOU put the snowstorm.js file. My snowstorm.js file was put into the directory snowstorm which is located in the scripts directory. Hopefully you understand linking by now. That's it!