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  • squiggly line tutorial

    You can create these lines anywhere you want. You'll see them alot in preppy signs, deco psd's, timeline covers, preppy layouts, and other stuff. There are many ways to do curved lines, this is just one super easy way!

    What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs

  • You'll be making something like:
    These are random lines

    The Steps

    1. Use the pen tool and make some lines.

    2. Right click on the pen tool and click "convert point tool."

    Use the convert point tool on each POINT to curve it. Below is a picture of the tool being used on one of my points

    3. Go to the brush tool. Find the black circle brush that came with photoshop. Make it size 2 or 3px. Make sure the color you want is selected.

    Click on the pen tool, right click on your line and click "Stroke Path." Make sure it's Tool: Brush Click OK. Now hit the backspace key to get rid of the pen tool lines.

    (You can also use the Convert Point Tool to click on a point and then use the arrow keys to move the point)

    My finished Product:
    These are random lines