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  • using pixel fonts tutorial

    What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs

  • The Steps

    1. When using a pixel font, like ernest and silkscreen, always have your anti-aliasing method set to none. It's in the same section as your font family, font style, and font size.

    2. This is the difference. I'm using the font ernest at size 10px. Pixel fonts will always be sized 8-10px. The tops anti-aliasing method is set to none, the bottom is set to sharp. You'll notice the top is much clearer.

    3. That's it, BUT another thing to be careful with is your kern settings. If you don't know what kerning is than check out my tutorial on it. If your text is too kerned than the letters will look terrible. I usually kern my normal text at like -100, so I let the pixel font be kerned at -100 to show you what I mean.