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★ Owner: Kayla
★ Opened: 06/09/17
★ Program: Photoshop CC 2020
★ Version: 13
★ Started Sw: 2005ish
★ Host: Myself
★ Credits: x
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vector circle brushes tutorial

Make sure you're done with setting up the vector psd layers. I have a tutorial on that if you don't know how.

You'll be making something like:

the steps

1. Hold in CTRL on your keyboard and select the thumbnail of the base of the rays you want the vector circles in.

and now those rays should be selected.

2. Open the circle brush that you're using and define it as a brush
I'm using this one > {click here}

Create 4 new layers. On the first layer, choose the first color of your color scheme and use the brush tool to place the brush in whatever size you think looks best. I don't suggest doing them too big or too small.

3. Now place the 2nd star with the 2nd color of your color scheme on the 2nd layer.

Now do the same with the next 2 colors on the next 2 layers.

4. Turn the circles into color fill layers. If you don't know how to do that than check out {this} tutorial and then come back.

5. Ok so now they should be color fills

Click the layer mask thumbnail.

You should notice your color thing changed to black and white. THIS IS GOOD!

6. Now place the next star. It should AUTOMATICALLY be the color of the fill layer.

Click on the layer mask thumbnail of the 2nd color fill. Now place the next circle brush and it should automatically be the color of the fill layer.

Now continue around the entire vector.

OPTIONAL: When you're DONE placing all of the circles, click on each thumbnail and click "Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen" just to make the brushes look clearer.

Finished Product:
(Mine's obviously cropped for tutorial purposes)