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vector scales

Usually I start the scales at the end of the ray, but for tutorial purposes I'll start it at the top.

What you'll need:
  • One of the Photoshop Programs

  • What you'll be making:

    The Steps

    1. Click on the circle brush (the normal one, not fuzzy one) that you should already have in PS cause it comes with PS. Size it to where it fits over your vector ray nicely like below. [Mines at 35]

    2. Use the brush in the first color of your color scheme. The first few scales are kind've confusing, so you might need to practice a bit.

    3. Use the second color of your color scheme now. Cover alot of the area of the first one like I did. Sorry it's hard to see. Two different shades of blue might have been a bad idea -_-

    4. Use the 3rd color of your color scheme something like I did below.

    5. Use the 4th color of your color scheme like I did.

    6. Use the next color of your scheme, which for me is my first color again. Line it up like you did with the last one.

    7. And repeat...

    8. Continue until you've filled out the ray and you're done!

    Finished Product: