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Watermarking Tutorial

Sitemodels (or their managers) do this with a sitemodels facebook ID so people can't steal their pictures and pretend to be them. Sites mainly use watermarking on their tutorials, so people can't steal the tutorial and claim it as their own, BUT there's a lot of different uses for watermarking.

What you'll need:
One of the Photoshop programs.

What you'll be doing:
This...but obviously with whatever you're watermarking.

The Steps

1. Make a new document (Click "File" >> Click "New") Make it big enough to fit your sites name. It's ok if it's bigger than it cause you can crop it later. Mine is 100 pixels wide and 20 pixels in height. Make sure the background contents says "Transparent". Click OK. Mine looks like this.

2. Click on your text tool. Make your font Ernest (or another pixel font, though I love Ernest the most) size 10. Make sure it is NOT set to sharp, crisp, strong, or smooth. It needs to be set to "none" <-- this setting is next to the font size setting. Type out what you want the watermark text to say in the middle of the document you created. Mine is going to say candylace.net

3. Now click the crop tool.

4. Crop around the text, but leave a little bit of space around it. Zoom in if you need to. My background is white for this tutorial only. Yours should be transparent, not white.

5. Click "Edit" >> "Define Pattern".

6. Open whatever you want to watermark. I'm going to use a random picture for this tutorial.

7. Click "Layer" >> "Duplicate Layer" and click OK. Delete the background layer (not the duplicated layer)

8. Right click on the only layer you should have now and click "Blending Options." Then click "Pattern Overlay"

9. Make the pattern the text you saved as a pattern earlier. Make the Blend Mode overlay or soft light. Make the opacity whatever you think looks best with the Blend Mode you chose. Then you're done!!

Finished Product: