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zebra border

What you'll need:
zebra pattern {click here}
♥ Or a different pattern {click here}

You'll be making something like:

The Steps

1. Open a border PSD. Create a new layer. Make sure this layer is underneath the border strokes layers. Click on the rectangular marquee tool. At the top, match your settings to mine.

2. Click somewhere on the border and the rectangle should pop up. (this picture is cropped for tutorial purposes. yours will be regular sized)

Use the arrows on your keyboard to line it up with the border like this
(zoomed mine in to show you better)

3. click "Edit >> Stroke." You can use whatever color, but I always use this ugly ass red lmao. Also, you can make the width whatever you want. Just make sure it's not too big! Here's my settings for this tutorial:

Click "Select >> Deselect." Hold in CTRL (control) on your keyboard and click the thumbnail of the layer.

Now the red line should be selected.

4. Click "Layer >> New Fill Layer >> Pattern >> OK" and select the pattern you want to use. I'm using the zebra pattern scaled 50%. Make sure you delete the ugly red (or whatever color you chose) layer.