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This website is here to provide you with the necessities to design & code your own websites, signs, and much more. If you have any questions, message me on facebook! Please do not redistribute or copy anything on this site. Please credit my website when using anything! Thank you for visiting my website!
I really hope you enjoy everything I have to offer! ♥


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girl bye

♥ | Posted: November 2nd 2021 | ♥
@Karmen @
Since you desperately need my attention boo. I will bring myself down to your childish level for a minute since you want to blog post about me. You can try to gaslight and manipulate me, insult me, delete my cbox comments, cbox ban me, delete your cbox after I find ways around the IP blocker, change your layout {which btw I see has pieces of my coding lmfao still stealing}, then write a childish, lying ass blog post about me all you want, bitch, but you cannot change the fact that we all know you REMOVED my stylesheet credit from the css page, the footer page, and did NOT have me linked on the credits page as the stylesheet owner. Lie all day about how you had me credited on the credits page. I politely commented your cbox asking you to put my credit back. You could've apologized and credited me like a grown ass adult, but noooo nobody asked your childish, foul, goofy, dusty ass to reply with attitude, insults, and lies when I call you out on lying in your response. 39 years old on here stealing and gaslighting the artist lmao.

"Adults" don't steal, lie, gaslight, insult, and throw fits when called out. Stay mad about me defending myself.
Let me know when you're ready to stop lying and apologize.

♡ I'm done with your drama. Grow up ♡

You cut out a piece of me and now I bleed internally

♥ | Posted: November 1st 2021 | ♥
Wow it has been a minute since I've changed the layout. So let us finally say goodbye to the last one, it was only up since last Christmas lmao. To be honest I'm bitter I didn't have time to change it for Halloween 2021 ugh I love Halloween layouts so much, but whatever I'll have to find a way next year! Whew I have missed the sw so much. I still don't have time to update often, but I at least wanted to make a new layout. Yes, I'm aware that the black navigation bar is to the right on mobile, but I don't care to try to "fix" it cause mobile makes me angry af lol. I might pop in with new content sometimes, but I'm not too sure. Sorry! I am always accepting new affies! As always, if you have any questions or tutorial suggestions than please message me on fb or comment in my cbox.

Thank you for continuing to use and give love to my website

where have I been? hi there

♥ | Posted: August 5th 2021 | ♥
Well hello there lmao. I have gotten a lot of people asking where I'm at and if I'm ok and if I'll be updating my website anytime soon. I'm sorry I basically disappeared on here; we all know I usually try to update at least once a month or every other month!! So the answer is yes, I'm okay! I've just been extremely busy in real life and haven't had time for my website. There's just so many big things happening! I will update here as soon as I get a chance to, but I'm honestly not sure when that'll be. I am still active on my sw Facebook though and I still check my Facebook messages for anyone who has any questions, or needs some help. I really miss being active on here, and I am dying to change my layout. I just wish I had more time. I hope the sw isn't completely dead.

♡ Good news is Loveblush will be here forever ♡ & ♡ This website turned 4 years old this summer. ♡