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I'm so ready for christmas bitchhhh

♥ | Posted: November 5th | ♥
It's never too early for Christmas/Winter updates, I don't care what you say lmao. I am fully aware I'm extra af around the holidays, though this year I really don't have much time to be. I'm hoping to do more holiday updates in December, but we'll see. It feels like it took me 20 years just to find time for this update. I wanted to be more extra for this layout, as always, but again I am limited with time. Obviously, I am bitter about this lol. The previous layouts stylesheet is up now, and this layouts stylesheet will be up in a few months. Britt is a doll and saved me some time by doing the color coding! Anyway, I can't wait for Christmas and I can't wait to see my kids open their presents!!! If you think I'm extra on here than you should see me in real life lmao. I don't know what else to say.
♡ I hope you enjoy my updates, and I hope I can do more soon ♡