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whm create packages

1. Scroll down to the little "Packages" menu and click "Add a Package."

2. The Add a Package should've came up. Keep in mind you need to create a package for subdomains too!

  • Package Name: Write what you want to name the package. For example, "Subdomains" for subs, or "Basic", "Platinum", and "Gold" "Gold Reseller" and stuff like that for domains.
  • Disk Quota: Google it. I am not explaining this, but I keep mine as "unlimited." Google can best explain a lot of this in full details.
  • Monthly Bandwidth:: I set mine to unlimited cause limited bandwith personally drives me insane, but if you want to set a limit than do so. Google what it is if you don't know.

  • Max FTP accounts, email accounts, email lists, databases, subdomains, parked domains, and add on domains are all pretty self explanatory. If you don't know what they are, google it or message me.

    3. In the settings options:
  • options CGI Access is probably already selected. I'm not gonna attempt to explain this stuff (google it lol) so just keep it set to CGI.
  • cPanel Theme: This is just the theme/layout of someones cPanel.
  • Feature List: This is where you can choose if they're gonna have reseller hosting and all that.
  • Locale: This is a language setting.

    Click "Add" and you've now added a package!